Body Sculpting and Toning

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Body sculpting & Toning implies leanness in the body (low levels of body fat %) with noticeable Muscle definition and Shape, without any significant ‘Bulk.

In order to achieve a Toned Physique there are three main aspects:

Weight Training

There is a great misconception when it comes to women and weight training and the fear of ‘Bulking up’ and looking ‘manly’. Jessica ‘s personal training sessions focus on the right selection of weight training methods and exercises allowing women to achieve the proportionally ‘toned’ physique they are aiming for without the unwanted ‘Bulky look’.

Weight Loss

Decreasing body fat percentage is a key aspect to achieve the desired ‘toned’ body. Jessica places emphasis on weight training in her training sessions, in order to proportionally increase muscles for a feminine physique, but largely focuses on high intensity cardio training, programming and getting your diet right to minimise body fat % and create a leaner and toned body.


Nutrition is essential when achieving the ‘Toned Body’. Jessica includes diet plans in her personal training package at no extra cost, because the correct diet will allow all the training and hard work to come together, resulting in a leaner, proportionally toned body.