Cardio and Strength Training

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Jessica’s personal training sessions are generally a combination of cardio and strength training, tailored specifically to the clients goals. Jessica uses differing energy systems of the body to increase fitness levels, strength, endurance and stamina, using various training methods, exercises and equipment to achieve the positive result you are looking for.

Strength and resistance training is a large aspect of Jessica’s personal training sessions. Resistance training not only builds muscle allowing the body to become stronger and toned, but also assists largely with weight loss as it helps to speed up your metabolism. Jessica designs her weight loss and toning up sessions around cardio and strength training. Each training session will push you to limits therefore allowing you to continually progressing, becoming a fitter, stronger woman and achieve the leaner and proportionally toned body you are looking for. If you are looking for weight loss and toning up, Cardio & Strength Training is the type of training for you.